14/15 September 2020 – Perturbation of protein-protein interactions: the next frontier


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend ‘Perturbation of protein-protein interactions: the next frontier’ – an interactive webinar that will take place (via Zoom) on Tuesday 15 September, 14.00-16.30.  A series of short pre-recorded talks will be available from Monday 14 September for registered attendees to view before the meeting. 

Virtually all cellular processes are controlled by protein-protein interactions (PPIs) including gene expression, proliferation, intracellular communication and apoptosis. Understanding and manipulation of PPIs, therefore, plays an important role in fathoming the biology of healthy and diseased states. Achieving this goal will lead to new probes to study cell signalling pathways, and drug discovery programmes addressing unmet medical needs. Within the last decade, a number of PPIs have been the focus of successful drug discovery initiatives by the pharmaceutical industry refuting a perception that PPIs are “undruggable”. However, PPI modulation remains a largely unsolved problem despite the enormous opportunities they offer to expand the druggable genome and the field continues to generate intense scientific interest in academia and industry. 

PPI-net started in 2011 as a UKRI-funded network with the aim of drawing together the academic and industrial community working on PPIs in the UK, and accelerating research intensity and progress across this important research area. 

To coincide with the final phase of Perturbation of Protein-Protein Interactions (PoPPI), a major EPSRC investment focused on the development of enabling physical sciences methods to understand and manipulate PPIs, this PPI-net meeting will celebrate the progress made and new approaches and will highlight future challenges in PPI science. 



This meeting will take place online (via Zoom) on Tuesday 15 September. A series of pre-recorded talks will be available from Monday 14 September for registered attendees to view before the meeting. 



The event is aimed at all scientists including PhD students, from industry and academia, with an interest in the understanding or manipulation of protein-protein interactions. This includes medicinal and computational chemists, structural biologists, biochemists, chemical biologists, and molecular and cell biologists 



Monday 14 September  

Three pre-recorded 20-minute talks will be made available for registered attendees to view from Monday 14 September, 09.00 (UK time) to Tuesday 15 September, 17.00 (UK time).  

Pre-recorded talks: 

Professor Michelle Arkin, University of California San Francisco, ‘Breaking the Machine – Approaches to Targeting the AAA+ p97/VCP’

Professor Luc BrunsveldEindhoven University, Multivalency and Cooperativity as governing concepts in PPIs’ 

Professor Akane KawamuraNewcastle University and University of OxfordCyclic peptides: versatile tools in                chemical biology

Tuesday 15 September   

14.00-16.30 (UK Time) 

An afternoon of live, interactive talks (via Zoom) 

13.45      Zoom link opens 

14.00      Welcome & IntroductionsProfessor Andy WilsonUniversity of Leeds 

14.10      Dr Zsofi Hegedus, University of SzegedFrom hot-spot prediction to PPI inhibitors’ 

14.45      Dr Emily BakerUniversity of Bristol, ‘Designing & disrupting protein-protein interactions in test tubes (& cells) 

14.45      Professor Adam Nelson, University of Leeds, ‘Integrated approaches for the discovery of small-molecule                            inhibitors of protein-protein interactions’

15.00      Professor Laura Itzhaki, University of Cambridge, (talk title TBC)

15.20      Break 

15.35      Q&A with All Speakers and Dr David AndrewsAstraZeneca 

15.55      Professor Paramjit AroraNew York University, Rational design of PPI inhibitors, and a hesitant foray into                      fragment screens 

(Please note: We are running the meeting on 15 September as a Zoom Webinar. If you are unfamiliar with the format of Zoom webinars please read this helpful article: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115004954946-Joining-and-participating-in-a-webinar-attendee- )



This event is now closed.



  • Professor Andrew Wilson, University of Leeds 
  • Professor Adam Nelson, University of Leeds 
  • Amy Rees, University of Leeds 



  • Professor Andrew Wilson, University of Leeds 
  • Professor Adam Nelson, University of Leeds 
  • Dr Thomas Edwards, University of Leeds 
  • Professor Dek Wolfson, University of Bristol 
  • Dr Richard Sessions, University of Bristol 
  • Professor Mike Waring, Newcastle University 
  • Dr David Andrews, AstraZeneca 
  • Dr Philip Fallon, Domainex 
  • Dr Victoria Easton, University of Leeds 



For further information, please email poppi@leeds.ac.uk