Pint of Science 2017

Leeds Pint of Science 2017

Two members of the PoPPI team were recently involved in public engagement activities, when they spoke at the Leeds Pint of Science events. Andy Wilson spoke to the general public about protein-protein interactions and their role in cancer at Chem-Mystery of Life. Kris Paraschiv spoke about the relationship of protein-protein interactions to skin-care products at the Skin-Care event. Both events were held at The Social (Leeds) and a link to POS can be found here:

Filming the PoPPI introductory video

Members of the PoPPI team were recently filmed for an introductory video, which will appear on this website soon. Filming took place at both Bristol and Leeds Universities over a two day period, with most members of the project involved. The final video will feature a combination of interviews, animation and demonstrations. Andy recording the introduction, with an apple as a prop Zsofia loading a gel, well it’s not science if a pipette is not involved Kirstin preparing samples, yet more pipetting Tom recording his section on chemical synthesis, nice … read more >

Trevor Perrior joins the Management Group

Trevor Perrior

Trevor Perrior has joined the PoPPI management group as the representative of Domainex, following the departure of Eddy Littler for a new role. Trevor has worked in Senior R&D Management roles for a number of companies, and bring a heap of experience to the programme.

Kris, Emma and Zsofia join the programme

Kris, Emma and Zsofia join the programme

Recently, Zsofia joined the programme as a post-doc focusing on the design and structural characterisation of PPI inhibitors. Meanwhile two PhD students have started, Emma and Kris, after completing their masters at the University of Leeds. Read more about their involvement in the programme on the About us page.

Programme Launch Event

Programme Launch Event

A mini-symposium was organised for the launch event of the EPSRC programme.  Speakers were invited from industry and academia to discuss their research in the area of protein-protein interactions; an expanding area of chemical biology.  Guest speakers included Andrew Jamieson (University of Leicester) and William Unsworth (University of York), along with members of the project team (Gail Bartlett, Bristol University and Mike Waring, Northern Institute for Cancer Research). Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions potentially offer novel solutions in the field of drug discovery for the treatment of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimers. Andy Wilson introducing … read more >

Tom James joins the project

Tom James

Tom James has joined the project as a Postdoctoral Research Associate to focus on the synthesis of small molecular inhibitors of protein-protein inhibitors. Tom has previously worked in both academia and industry, after completing his PhD at Leeds.