Kristina Paraschiv wins CBBG PGR Symposium poster prize

Congratulations to Kris on winning a poster prize at the RSC Chemical Biology and Bio-organic Group Postgraduate Symposium on 10 May 2018. The Symposium, hosted at the University of Leeds, was an opportunity for early career scientists from a broad range of chemical biology backgrounds to come together, share their work and discuss the latest research. Kris’s poster on experimental validation of hot residue predictions for β-strand mediated protein-protein interactions made an impression on the judges with its multidisciplinary emphasis. Kris has been with PoPPI since the start of the … read more >

Festival of Interdisciplinary Science

On 3 May Adam Nelson took part in The University of Leeds Priestley Centre’s Festival of Interdisciplinary Science. The event showcased examples of how our researchers work across the disciplines to tackle global grand challenges and provide the chance to make new connections. Using our 3-D protein models, Adam had the opportunity to explain protein-protein interactions and demonstrate the challenges associated with their inhibition to colleagues around the University of Leeds.

Astbury Conversation 2018

On 17 April The PoPPI team took part in The Astbury Conversation Public Engagement Event with an interactive game titled ‘Protein-Matchmaking: How do proteins talk to one another, what happens when they miscommunicate and how do we deal with this through drug discovery?’ In a race against the clock, players ‘matched’ 3-D printed models of proteins to one another. If matched correctly, the proteins clicked together. The team also designed models of small-molecule inhibitors which fitted into pockets in the proteins, preventing them from fitting together. This simple game allowed … read more >

Young Researchers Symposium

The 4th Young Researchers Symposium on PPIs was held at the University of Leeds on the 19th of September. This symposium provides a platform for early career researchers from a broad range of backgrounds to come together, share their work and discuss the latest research on PPIs and their inhibition. The guest speakers were: Prof. Michelle Arkin – University of California, San Francisco, and Prof. Luc Brunsveld – Eindhoven University of Technology.

Pint of Science 2017

Leeds Pint of Science 2017

Two members of the PoPPI team were recently involved in public engagement activities, when they spoke at the Leeds Pint of Science events. Andy Wilson spoke to the general public about protein-protein interactions and their role in cancer at Chem-Mystery of Life. Kris Paraschiv spoke about the relationship of protein-protein interactions to skin-care products at the Skin-Care event. Both events were held at The Social (Leeds) and a link to POS can be found here:

Filming the PoPPI introductory video

Members of the PoPPI team were recently filmed for an introductory video, which will appear on this website soon. Filming took place at both Bristol and Leeds Universities over a two day period, with most members of the project involved. The final video will feature a combination of interviews, animation and demonstrations. Andy recording the introduction, with an apple as a prop Zsofia loading a gel, well it’s not science if a pipette is not involved Kirstin preparing samples, yet more pipetting Tom recording his section on chemical synthesis, nice … read more >